Strange Clouds

clouds 2.0

Every time I walk into an airport, everyone looks like scattered ants trying to navigate around to their next destination. People are in such a rush to make it to their flight that they forget the excitement about the actual trip. Not just the destination, but the journey there.

I love the rush when a plane goes 100+ mph during lift off. My favorite part is the small dips and turbulence that gives people that slight discomfort and joy during lift off. People need to stop thinking about the destination and enjoy the journey. That’s life. People are too focused on the end point that we forget to smile because we lived another day. We live our lives in an airport; we could be miserable about going through security and the flight delays or explore the airport. You never know what you will find. (Have you looked up at the entrances in DIA to see the gargoyles?…exactly.) Stop taking life so seriously. Laugh at those stupid jokes. Tell that hot person next to you how hot they are. Smile at the person across from you. It’s the law of attraction. You might come across the love of your life or new travel buddy. All it takes is a smile! 🙂

There’s such a thrill when visiting a new place. You get to experience something you have yet to do. Be adventurous. Don’t ask about the contents of that burger- just eat it! Feed your soul with positivity. The more comfortable you are with being carefree, the more attractive you are when building relationships. You don’t want to be the person on the plane that ignores the people around them and falls asleep. Open your eyes and admire the clouds you are flying over. In the end, we all are enjoying the ride above the clouds.

A “Little” Nosy!

nose change

(Before and After)

When I was a child, my aunt would call me ” muñeca de porcelana,” meaning porcelain doll. I had fairly light skin (compared to other Latinos) with big brown eyes, a small nose and a matching pouty mouth. I think I was adorable. 

As I grew into my adolescence, I would get teased about my nose: “Your nose disappears when you smile.” I started to feel insecure about my facial features- they were small and unnoticed

In adulthood, I realized there was nothing I could do about my nose…unless I got a nose job? I’d rather not. That is way too many health risks involved and money that I’d rather spend on traveling. The more I grew my confidence, I didn’t care about what people said about the way I looked. I laughed it off. It didn’t phase me. 

When I started to date, I received the most compliments about my nose and lips. A few people told me I should pierce my nose because it would look pretty. I don’t get how adding another hole into my nose would help, but thanks! It came full circle. I’ve grown up, built confidence and started to appreciate what my momma gave me. Everyone else is just nosy. 

One Body

SD pier

Imperial Beach Pier, San Diego (2013)

If you have a problem about how you look and feel, change it.

Make an impression that will change your facial expression,

But maintain a good intention to do it for yourself and no one else.

Please excuse my indiscretion, but I get a sensation when someone smiles at me or I see anybody walking freely, as they stand tall and feel the comfort within themselves.

We as people should applaud that, for it’s been way too long of a journey to hate and judge

That no one will make that stand, no one will budge.

As years go by, media brought the attention of all beauty to release the tension of insecurity.

Both men and women need to look in the mirror and be happy.

We have one body. Cherish it. Love it.

One Body. One Love. All Smiles.



I’m looking straight at you. I feel the tension in your eyes; an unpleasant feeling of discomfort. Weeping. The feeling of being unaccepted in this society, where all I want to do is scream, but I won’t let go of my dream. I’m staring at my mirror. Why can’t I accept myself for who I am? Oh, the terror. My mother must be disappointed that I do not see the beauty she has given me. All for one like on Facebook or a comment on Instagram.

As my mascara runs down my face, I start to see the real me. I do not need anyone’s approval, but my own. I do not need to put myself down because I have darker skin or am thicker than the models on ads. Who am I to judge myself? I am beautiful. No makeup. Bare face. One body. All smiles.